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Jeff Gundlach Is Preparing Himself For President Trump

There is common ground here.

J-Gunds, for one, welcomes our new Trump overlord.

Or so he said outright at Sohn this afternoon...

“When I was a kid, people said on the right are the Republicans, on the left are the Democrats. To the left of the Democrats are the liberals, the left of the liberals are the socialists, to the left of the socialists are the communists. To the right are conservatives, to the right of the conservatives are the reactionaries,” Gundlach said at the 21st annual Sohn Investment Conference.
He continued: “People say Donald Trump is not conservative enough, but he’s actually a reactionary,” he said, emphasizing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is a “reactionary statement.”

And everyone's favorite randy bond expert is ready to call this thing... 

I think Trump is going to win,” Mr. Gundlach said.
He added: “Trump, you’ve got to admit that he has a knack for finding the soft spot in people and manipulating it pretty effectively.”
With Hillary Clinton, he said, putting her horizontal arrow logo on the screen, you know what you’re going to get: sideways.

Not that he's above trolling his new President-Elect with some coy understatement.

“Donald Trump is extremely comfortable with debt,” Gundlach said.

Nice one, Gundy.

Jeffrey Gundlach: 'Prepare for a Trump presidency' [YahooFinance]

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