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Finance Flack Not Interested In Commenting On Story About Him (Allegedly!) Smashing A Beer Bottle Over A Woman's Head And (Allegedly!) Asking Bouncers To Help Him Cover It Up

John Jannarone knows what we're talking about.
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Time was, the worst call John Jannarone could get at his office would be from a reporter working on a story about one of his clients being down, say, 90% year to date. But times have changed!

Erin Jennings, a Princeton grad who was working in New York City at the time, was standing with some friends in Southside, a pricey nightclub popular with financial professionals, on May 17, 2015, when a boozed-up John Jannarone approached and hit on one of her friends, according to court papers. Jennings told Jannarone, 35, to leave them alone, the suit against Jannarone and Southside says. He walked away from the group but then returned and hit Jennings over the head “at least twice” with a beer bottle while Southside’s security did nothing to stop him, she claims in the lawsuit. Jennings fell to the floor and was bleeding “profusely” from the attack, she says. Jennings’ friends rushed her to the hospital and she required seven staples to close the wound to her head...While Jennings went to the hospital, another friend stayed behind to make sure the bouncers got her attacker’s identification. The pal saw Jannarone beg the bouncers “to ‘protect’ him and not ‘let (him) go to jail’ ” before they helped him into a cab, the suit alleges...Jannarone, a senior vice president at the financial PR firm ICR, was arrested several days later, on May 26, and faces assault charges. Many of the allegations in the criminal complaint are similar to those in a civil lawsuit. “Help me out. I need you to protect me,” Jannarone told a witness, the criminal complaint states. “I can’t believe I did this. I hit this girl with a bottle.”

Luckily, Jannarone is a professional who surely knows how to handle a call about a sensitive story.

Reached at his office, Jannarone said, “Hold on one second, I’ll be right back,” and then hung up on a Daily News reporter.

That might not sound great, but perhaps as a former reporter, first at the Wall Street Journal and then at CNBC, Jannarone is simply waiting to give one of the outlets an exclusive on the story?

Update: According to a representative for Jannarone: "To the extent this complaint against Southside also relates to John, it is a personal matter. Given that the matter is in litigation, he is hesitant to discuss the matter in detail at this time. John intends to aggressively respond to the allegations and looks forward to a prompt judicial resolution."

Woman claims Manhattan nightclub bouncers protected man who hit her with beer bottle [NYDN]