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Just When You Think Steven Cohen's Ex-Wife Is Out, She Pulls Herself Back In

Forget what you've heard: Patricia Cohen isn't going ANYWHERE.
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Earlier today, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska delivered a ruling that was seemingly great news for hedge fund manager Steve Cohen and not great news for ex-wife Patricia, who's been suing him for the last 7 years. According to Preska, the ex-Mrs. C's latest attempt to nail her former husband on claims that he "hid millions of dollars in assets when they split" and also ran SAC Capital "as a criminal enterprise" to boot were not supported by evidence, in addition to being filed too late. And while a lesser ex-wife might've seen this turn of events as a signal to pack up her files and go home, Patrica Cohen is no such ex-wife. She's been here before-- when her case was first dismissed in 2011 and has god as her witness, she'll be here again.

Despite her many setbacks, Patricia Cohen’s lawyer said she might appeal again.

As a reminder, Cohen himself would rather drag this thing out for the rest of eternity than show Patty a nickel, so his response to this not-at-all veiled threat was likely "BRING IT."

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