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Ken Griffin Says Hedge Fund Talent Is Out There, You Just Have To Steal It From Other Firms

Lock up your traders!
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While Griffin's counterpart in Stamford has lamented the dearth of talent worth the two second effort of reading their résumés, the Citadel founder believes there are tons trading stars out there, they just haven't been poached yet.

“Every new generation of managers has this great story about how it’s never been so difficult to find talent,” billionaire Griffin, who runs hedge fund Citadel, said at the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday. “The best talent is talent you go out and find. You need to avoid adverse selection,” he added. “The talent you want to hire is the talent you want to pull from someone else.”

Citadel's Griffin Says Hedge Fund Talent Is There to Snag [Bloomberg]


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