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KMPG Relieved To Hear Phil Mickelson "Respects And Shares" Its "Values"

The ones where you do something that kinda looks like insider trading first and then apologize later.
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Golfer and part-time KPMGer Phil Mickelson has apparently learned nothing from former partner Scott London, other than how to say "Oops, my bad."

According to a statement released by Mr. Mickelson’s lawyers, the golfer “regrets any appearance that, on this occasion, he fell short” of the professional and ethical standards of companies he represents. KPMG released a statement saying that while it is “disappointed” with the news, “we appreciate that Phil’s statement makes clear he respects and shares the values of KPMG.”

Phil Mickelson Lands KPMG in the Sand Trap [WSJ]



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