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Kyle Bass Puts 'Kyle Bass Investment Genius' Clause In Investor Agreement

The hedge fund manager has never been more certain of his sheer f*cking awesomeness.
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Everyone's going to win big on his latest trade but if it works out as breathtakingly as Bass expects it to, he'll win extra big.

In his new Hayman China Opportunities fund, slated to launch this summer, Mr. Bass will keep an increasing proportion of client profits if the wager is a windfall, according to marketing materials reviewed by MoneyBeat and investors. Mr. Bass will first charge a performance fee of 15% or 17.5% in the vehicle, depending on when investors hand over their money. The charge rises, however, to 20% after a 100% net return – in other words, if and when the fund doubles its money.

Hedge-Fund Manager Kyle Bass to Raise Fees If China Bet Hits Big [WSJ]


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