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Leon Cooperman Reminds Us Once Again That He Is An Angry Old Man

Coop's got jokes!

Taking into account that his host was the Jewish Theological Seminary and that he was speaking into a live mic about investing, Omega Advisors founder and breathing fossil Leon Cooperman offered a thought on the election that was insulting to both presidential front-runners... and, somehow, even himself.

Per Bloomberg, Cooperman was chatting with Goldman Sachs chief economist Abby Joseph Cohen about the market as part of the Jewish Theological Seminary's panel on investing Tuesday evening, when he offered his opinion that Hillary Clinton is not necessarily the "safer" candidate in 2016. And then he said this:

"I have the greatest line for Trump, and he’s dumb enough to use it: ‘If you couldn’t satisfy your husband, how could you satisfy the country?’" 

Haha, right? Who'd be dumb enough to say that in public these days?

Cooperman Talks Trump, Clinton, Hedge Funds With Abby Cohen [Bloomberg]



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