Man Group Wants To See Some Elbow Grease Oozing Through That Oxford Tweed

The hedge fund wants to see some strides in machine learning, AKA new ways of making money.

The hedge fund giant isn’t footing the bill for the Oxford Man Institute to make the world a better place or to increase global understanding of economics or any of that crap. It needs you eggheads to find it new ways to make money, period. So get out from under that apple tree and start coding, for goodness’ sake.

The unit, which has been researching a range of subjects such as statistics, economics and financial asset prices, will now focus solely on machine learning, in which computers learn from data rather than simply acting on it, and data analytics….

“In five years’ time will we have machine learning funds?” he said. “I don’t know but I certainly expect so if things continue at the current rate.”

You’re on notice, nerds: The academic gravy train ends here.

Man Group Switches Focus of Oxford University Department [WSJ]