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Bored Feds Now Contemplating Charging Martin Shkreli With All The Crimes

Looks like Martin is going to need to find a dope rhyme for "Securities fraud."

Just when you think we're done with everyone's least favorite hedge fund bro turned price-gouging pharma executive, Martin Shkreli manages to somehow make news.

And in keeping with his recent form, Martin's latest extension on his 15 minutes of infamy is coming courtesy of federal indictments...

Prosecutors announced Tuesday morning that there is potential for a superceding indictment against Martin Shkreli, including securities fraud.
The prosecutor said that the new charges would be related to existing allegations that Shkreli and co-defendant Evan Greebel defrauded Retrophin and that no new individuals would be added to the case. The new indictment would be brought forth within a month, according to the prosecutor who spoke at the U.S. Federal Court in Brooklyn.

And if you're wondering why it's taken so long for the Feds to add charges to Martin's already extensive list, it seems that it's because there is just so much stuff with which to charge Martin...

The defense attorneys said that they've been inundated with 70 gigabytes of documents which is inhibiting them from processing the case quickly.

But it's not like Martin's lawyer isn't making it crystal clear that his client is a good boy, both innocent and pure...

Brafman and Shkreli were sitting in the courtroom ahead of the hearing when a group of schoolchildren touring the building entered. The children were seated in the jury box and introduced to Brafman, who a judge referred to as one of the most well-known defense attorneys in the courthouse.
"Anybody here want to be a defense lawyer?" Brafman asked the children. Only one raised his hand, and the attorney asked him why.
"I'd like to defend people because sometimes they actually are innocent," the boy said.
"Yes," Brafman replied as Shkreli laughed. "Sometimes clients are innocent, sometimes we don't know."

That's the kind of awkward sad moment that makes us think back fondly on Emo Martin Shkreli.

But this is Martin Shkreli we're talking about here, so we're sure he'll take this all in stride and comport himself like a normal human being under - some but way less than before - scrutiny...

See? He's fine.

Prosecutor: Shkreli may be slapped with new charges [CNBC]


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