Nelson Peltz Frugally Budgets Twin Sons Bar Mitzvah At $1 Million Apiece

Times must be TOUGH.

When you're a billionaire with 10 kids to feed, there are always some hard choices to be made.


For Nelson Peltz, one such painful moment seems to have occurred over the weekend.

One of the most lavish bar mitzvah celebrations ever was held at the Pierre hotel on Saturday night when activist/investor Nelson Peltz honored his twin sons, Zachary and Gregory.
The hundreds of guests — including Madison Square Garden executive chairman James Dolan — marveled at the stilt-walkers, two bands, five singers, hockey rink, basketball hoop and video games.

While we're sure that Jeff Immelt looked really comfortable on stilts, we can't help wondering why we're feeling a little let down by the description of this affair. Was Katy Perry unavailable? Just a basketball hoop? Couldn't Jimmy Dolan just bring over the whole Garden floor? It's not the like the Knicks are using it, and he could do it cheaply considering his stance on labor rules.

Basically we're wondering if Nelson maybe pinched a few pennies on this shindig. Is the king of Trian falling prey to the overwhelming cynicism of 2016?

Guests estimated that the party cost $2 million. 

$2 million? ONLY $2 million? For twins?

Maybe we are in a recession.

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