Next Guy Who Talks S*** About Hedge Funds Gets A Hardcover Copy of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ To The Face

Cliff Asness is putting you all on notice.

Courtesy of Cliff Asness, who may or may not be wearing a cape when he throws it at you.

Clifford Asness, AQR Capital Management’s chief investment officer, said “people are turning too negative.”

“They are yelling at them too much,” Asness told Bloomberg Television. “They will under-perform in a bull market like the one we have had for six or seven years.”

Asness: People Are Too Negative on Hedge Funds [Yahoo]
Investors Join Buffett Slamming Hedge Fees at Milken [Bloomberg]



Layoffs Watch ’20: AQR Capital Management

Dozens of miserable Cliff Asness underlings are celebrating their involuntary emancipation.

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