Och-Ziff Needs To Unload A Private Jet It Took A Loan Out To Buy While Facing Bribery Charges So It Can Pay The Justice Department To Settle Said Bribery Charges

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Anybody? Anybody? You'd really be helping the hedge fund out in a big way. Don't say maybe, just say you'll think about it.

Asset manager Och-Ziff took out a $49m loan for a corporate jet when it was facing the possibility of a multimillion-dollar fine for alleged bribery of Libya’s Gaddafi regime and other African government officials. Since then Och-Ziff, one of the world’s largest hedge funds by assets, has been forced to borrow a further $120m to prepare for a cash settlement with the US Justice Department that is expected to exceed $200m — a sum more than double its last three years of net profits. The jet, which was paid for with a loan taken out in 2014, has been put up for sale by the hedge fund but has failed to find a buyer, according to people briefed on the process. Och-Ziff declined to discuss the aircraft purchase.

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