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Remember When T. Boone Pickens Said There Should Be A Bipartisan Screening Committee To Weed Out Unqualified Presidential Candidates?

Those were the days...
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Last year, back when Boone was backing Jeb Bush, he was saying crazy things, such as:

  • presidential elections shouldn’t be the equivalent of a reality show
  • presidential candidates should have “rock-solid” plans for their administration
  • fact-checking is good and “accusation and innuendo” are bad

But that was before Donald Trump had comprehensively whipped his boy Jeb and everyone else, so old Boone has done some thinking. Maybe qualified candidates are overrated. Maybe a campaign built entirely on bluster and lies isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe having “big ideas” with absolutely no plans for how to implement them is the way to go. Plus, Boone thinks one of those big ideas—you know, the one about barring all Muslims from entering the country unless they are the Mayor of London—is a really good one. And now that The Donald has decided not to fund his own campaign and to start relying on the big-money outside groups he relentlessly attacked when they were for Jeb, Boone is ready and willing to lend a hand.

Mr. Pickens, chairman of the hedge fund BP Capital, has invited Ed Rollins, the co-chairman of the super PAC, to visit his Texas ranch in mid-June, along with a few other fundraising officials from the group. The goal is both to raise money for the super PAC and to bolster party unity, a spokesman for Mr. Pickens said.

An official with the super PAC, called Great America PAC, said the group is aiming to invite about 20 people to the event. On the invitation list so far are media mogul Stan Hubbard—who has said he supports Mr. Trump—and Doug Lebda, founder of the online lending exchange LendingTree. Pete Wilson, former governor of California, will also attend.

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