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Charlie Gasparino Likes Billions Again

Presumably this means he is again interested in a cameo on the show.

Charlie Gasparino Continues To Pen Billions Fan Fiction

Andrew Ross Sorkin in a threesome edition.

Telling Twitter Users He's Going To Shove A Crowbar Up Their Keisters Is Part Of Charlie Gasparino's Journalistic Code Of Ethics

The Fox Business reporter explained how this works in an interview with Playboy Magazine.

Charlie Gasparino Just Earned Himself At Least A Few Years In Purgatory

The Fox Business reporter's got beef with the pope and he doesn't care who knows it.

Charlie Gasparino Now Fact Checking Billions

The Fox Business reporter knows a realistic S&M club when he sees one.

Charlie Gasparino Doesn't Want To See Any Friggin Milk Out When He Comes Through Your Chimney

And obviously it goes without saying he expects Grey Goose. CG wouldn't let his cat drink Absolut.