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Ex-Barclays Trader Accused Of Libor Manipulation Is Totally Standup Guy, Says His College Baseball Coach

So this whole Libor rigging thing has come as a surprise.
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Say what you will about Ryan Reich-- and regulators in London say that he teamed up with his Barclays buddies to manipulate Libor for fun and profit--, the dude apparently had virtue falling out the ass during his time working first base in Princeton, New Jersey. Some of his fellow players, yeah, maybe Coach Bradley could see them being accused of financial chicanery, but not Reich.

The head coach of Princeton University’s baseball team said he’s never doubted the honesty and integrity of former player Ryan Reich, one of the five former Barclays traders accused of manipulating a key benchmark rate. Scott Bradley gave evidence Wednesday as a character witness for Reich, who was a starter for the college team while he studied economics between 2000-2004. "He was such a great leader on the team," said Bradley, who took time out of the college season to appear in court. “The one thing that we noticed straight away was his maturity levels were significantly higher than all of the others." Reich, along with Jay Merchant, Stylianos Contogoulas and two other former colleagues, are on trial in London, and deny accusations that they conspired to rig the London interbank offered rate, a benchmark tied to trillions of dollars in securities and loans, from 2005 through 2007.

Princeton Coach Says Banker Accused in Libor Is Talented Leader [Bloomberg]


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