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Recaptured Yahoo HR Chief Sees Marissa Mayer In His Dreams

Tim Armstrong is laughing his ass off right now.

When Yahoo's HR boss Sandy Gould announced that he was jumping ship at the end of March, everyone thought "Yeah, probably a smart move."


But when it came out last week that Gould was actually going to stay put, it seemed odd to say the least. Marissa Mayer has been hemorrhaging talent for months, and Gould's role as Yahoo's talent czar seemed untenable. How could he stay?

What you got, NY Post?

The struggling Web portal’s boss is shelling out a “multimillion-dollar” retention package to human resources boss Sandy Gould, who will stay after a report suggested he was set to leave, sources said.
Mayer is relocating Gould and his husband to Yahoo’s New York offices, where Gould will supervise “culture and communication,” a source said.

Pretty much the last thing that anyone associated with Yahoo wants at this point is for Marissa to hand out multi-million packages of anything to anyone. Additionally, Yahoo is essentially disclosing that it's paying a huge amount of money for Gould to take over what appears to be a pretty vague - and maybe not altogether real - job on the other side of the country from where Yahoo's "culture" is determined and "communicated."

What could have pushed her this far at such an inopportune time?

There was “no sense in the NYC move other than Sandy and [his] spouse wanted to live there,” an insider says. Mayer “found out that he was going to work for someone she resents, and it literally drove her insane, so she made this crazy deal to keep him.”

Ooh, a mystery.

Hmm, Gould - a proven tech talent recruiter - wanted to move to NYC and take a gig at a place that could afford him. So we're looking for a well-capitalized search and media company based in New York City.

But who does Marissa hate with a passion that is leading such a firm in The Big Apple? Who could she dislike so intensely that she'd pay Sandy Gould huge money to stay, cutting off her nose to spite her face? And who could be so inside Marissa's head that they knew offering Gould a job would drive her to such batshit measures?

Stop giggling Tim Armstrong, everyone knows it was you.

But Sandy Gould doesn't see it that way. According to his Tumblr (good company man), Sandy thinks his stay was kismet. Pre-destined by the universe... and his own subconscious.

Once I found a great successor for Recruiting inside the company, the pressure was off and I could rest and recharge. Bryan suggested I say goodbye to the NY and LA teams in person – they are used to seeing me regularly for candid conversations. While talking with the NY team someone asked who would keep them informed and connected, the way I have the last few years. I thought: this could be great!
The opportunity to help this amazing passionate community advance this important mission was a lightning strike of inspiration. I didn’t want to miss the next chapter of this epic story. This role focuses on functions critical to moving the company and culture forward.
I literally had a dream that night where I was discussing the new role with Marissa while reviewing offers. The next morning I called Bryan and opened with: “You are going to think I am crazy…”

Oh Sandy, when it comes to Yahoo these days, crazy is relative.

That said, we recommend that you stop eating before bed, because that dream is crazy as hell.

Marissa Mayer spending a ton of Yahoo’s cash to keep HR rep [NY Post]


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