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Steven Mnuchin Has Quite The Dance Card At SALT This Year

Trump's favorite hedgie is thisclose to regretting everything.

It's been less than a week, but based on reports coming out of Anthony Scaramucci's annual bachelor party for finance bros in Las Vegas, Steve Mnuchin might already be deeply regretting taking on task of raising money for Donald Trump.


The New York billionaire businessman was a topic of discussion as some 2,000 hedge fund managers, investors, lawyers and journalists gathered in Las Vegas for the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT, the industry's most prominent annual meeting.
Steven Mnuchin, Trump's newly appointed national finance chairman and a private investor himself, met with some of the attending hedge fund managers and others, including oil investor T. Boone Pickens, Georgette Mosbacher and former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Well, that's a..."full day."

We can only imagine the tonal and psychological shifts one must have to make in order to schmooze with an oil baron, a cosmetics queen and nude model turned US Senator turned non-US Senator all in the span of a few hours. So Steve Mnuchin must be thanking his lucky stars that he has newly-minted Trump fundraiser Scaramucci as his host and ally.

For a guy tasked with pulling down more than $1 billion in no time at all for a campaign that has spent months bragging about how it doesn't fundraise, Mnuchin can be forgiven for looking at SALT 2016 as an opportunity to shoot whales in a barrel. But getting money for President Trump is a much different pull than pulling down investment for a fund, especially since his candidate has openly sh!t all over asset managers and not provided an inkling of hope that donations to Trump will come with a receipt entitling donors to influence policy. So Mnuchin is now walking around the casino asking some real characters to write a check to the biggest character of all.


And judging from the way that the notoriously easily-managed T. Boone Pickens sounds from his SALT appearance, things seem to be going just swimmingly for Mnuchin in Sin City.

"Donald almost always overestimates how successful he is," Pickens said, "but nonetheless he has been out there and he does know something about what he is talking about."

The only way that this gets less fun for Mnuchin is if he ends up scheduled to meet with Leon Cooperman in the steam room at the Bellagio spa.

Fundraisers make pitch for Trump at hedge fund conference [Reuters]


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