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The Cathartic Finger-Pointing Phase Of The Bangladeshi Heist Story Is Over

Phase II: The FBI goes after insiders.
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When one of the poorest countries in the world wakes up one Monday to discover its central bank is $100 million lighter and that the money made its unauthorized way from the New York Fed to the craps tables in Manila, you can understand why said country might be a little angry, and why it might have some pointed questions (and accusations) for said New York Fed and for SWIFT, the network through which the fraud occurred. Of course, the New York Fed and SWIFT have assured the Bangladeshis that they are totally blameless, and after two long months the three have at least agreed to stop bickering with each other long enough to try to catch the bastards together. The FBI, however, is not part of this particular harmonious drum circle, and it still has a finger to point.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have found evidence pointing to at least one bank employee acting as an accomplice, people familiar with the matter said. The evidence suggests a handful of others may also have assisted hackers in navigating Bangladesh Bank’s computer system, the people said….

Subhankar Saha, a spokesman for Bangladesh Bank, said the FBI hadn’t informed it that one or more of its employees could have acted as accomplices in the heist. “The central bank is pursuing this case with the utmost vigor and if anyone within the bank is found to be involved, we will take legal action as appropriate,” he said.

FBI Suspects Insider Involvement in $81 Million Bangladesh Bank Heist [WSJ]
New York Fed, Bangladesh, Swift Join in Effort to Trace Stolen Funds [WSJ]
SWIFT rejects Bangladeshi claims over $81 million cyber heist [Reuters]


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