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Trader Convicted Of Libor Needs Your Help (And Cash, Please!)

Tom Hayes is crowdfunding his appeal.
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If you've got a soft spot for British ex-UBS employees currently serving a decade plus in prison for manipulating Libor, a charge and conviction they believe all boils down to the government needing a patsy, now's the time to speak up.

On a Fundrazr webpage covered in photographs of the trader with his wife and son, [Tom] Hayes’s supporters describe the 36-year-old as a “Libor scapegoat” whose conviction was the result of a “politically motivated show trial.” The account has raised about 2,100 pounds over four days. Hayes’s ability to fund his defense was dealt a setback in March after he was ordered by a London court to pay back 880,000 pounds that was determined to be the proceeds of his crimes. Hayes, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome last year, was the first individual convicted at trial in the London interbank offered rate scandal that saw authorities levy about $9 billion in fines and charge more than 20 individuals. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison in August -- one of the longest sentences ever for financial crime in the U.K. -- before it was reduced on appeal.

Tom Hayes Taps Crowdfunding to Raise $218,000 for Appeal [Bloomberg]


Ex-Trader Convicted Of Libor Manipulation Made Written Request To Colleague Not To Put Libor Manipulation Requests In Writing

And then presumably slapped himself on the forehead and shouted "Idiot!" immediately after hitting send.

Citi, UBS Libor-Rigger To Serve Everyone’s Prison Sentence

Tom Hayes is going away for a whopping 14 years.