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Trump's Campaign Finance Taking Shape Of Wacky Reality TV Show Cast

Well, Mr. Trump does like to make a show.

When it was announced that Donald Trump had named a former Goldman Sachs executive turned hedge fund manager/bank director/wannabe movie mogul as the head of his campaign finance team, it seemed to be just another Trumpian decision that flew in the face of both commonly-accepted political behavior and his own previous statements.


But since he appointed Steve Mnuchin - lo those many days ago - Trump has added to that campaign finance team, and the list of names reads like a 70s movie of disparate madcap characters thrust together into a crazy adventure.

First we heard that Trump was adding hedge fund manager, restaurateur, TV show host and compulsive campaign finance team joiner Anthony Scaramucci. Then there were some reports that he was adding another Goldman Sachs alum, Sandler O'Neill equity man Robert Castrignano. Compiling a bunch of major Wall Street money guys makes sense for Trump who is way behind in fund-raising after largely paying for his own primary campaign.

But even with a lot of the guys that Trump spent much of the last few months vilifying now on board to help him get that Wall Street cheddar, his campaign is still going to need about $1.5 billion and even Wall Street can't be relied upon to pump that kind of cash into a political campaign in just six months. So where else can a candidate turn to rake in tons of money?

Oh, heeeeeeey Silicon Valley.

But who in tech would be nutty enough to be the face of Trump's campaign in the notedly liberal/politically atheist tech sector? Who would have the cojones to be rep Mr. Border Wall in a bastion of business sector full of immigrants? Who could be vainglorious enough to take on that kind of role?

Trump's finance team already includes Anthony Scaramucci, a New York investor who has raised money for several other Republican presidential campaigns, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel, according to a campaign adviser.

German-born, PayPal founder, venture capitalist extrordinaire Peter Thiel.

Of course.

It would be the Valley's most vocal libertarian who would come out publicly for Trump, adding a certain crazy West Coast flair to the growing, character-filled Trump finance team. Now Trump just needs to sign up Sam Zell to get the real estate money, and T. Boone Pickens to get the oil guys because why build a normal campaign finance team when you can curate a reality show-worthy team of mixed nuts?

Six months to go, you guys. Six. Months. To. Go.

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