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Two-Thirds Of Goldman Sachs Shareholders Think Lloyd Blankfein Works Hard For The Money

So hard for it, honey.
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The other third think he doesn't and therefore shouldn't have received this year's massive pay package but were apparently outvoted.

The national debate over executive pay landed in the lap of the Goldman Sachs chief executive on Thursday as shareholders pushed back against his $23 million package. Blankfein, who has also been criticized for leading the Wall Street bank during a period when its stock price has virtually flat-lined over the last decade — it is up 4 percent while the S&P 500 Index is up 62 percent over that period — was also the subject of a shareholder move to strip him of his chairman title...The anti-pay pack measure garnered support of 33 percent of shareholders — in line with similar campaigns at other banks. The measure to split the CEO and chairman titles was supported by 30 percent of shareholders, according to tallies released after Goldman’s annual meeting.

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