Vatican Bank Now Fully Compliant With ‘Thou Shalt Not Launder Money’ Commandment

God's bank is totally clean now.

Mark and Matthew assure us that “with God, all things are possible.” But the apostles failed to check that statement with Vatican Bank Chairman Jean-Baptiste de Franssu, who has been on a mission from Christ’s current Vicar on Earth to clean things up at the Institute for the Works of Religion. Where formerly money-laundering was just about the only thing possible, now: “Impossible.

"Anyone who would be tempted to use an account in an institution to launder money, the last place he would want to come to is IOR," Franssu told Vatican Radio….

The new rules strictly regulate which clients can open accounts, all staff have been given training, and the Vatican is drawing up tax agreements with various countries, Franssu said.

“Impossible to launder money” at Vatican bank, says chairman [Reuters]