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Two Of God’s Little Helpers Not 100% Sure All Is Kosher At Vatican Bank

Pope Francis is still having problems running his little community bank.
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Two years ago, Pope Francis gave Clemens Boersig, the appropriately-named Carlo Salvatori, and four other lay friends of Jesus five years to clean things up at the Institute for the Works of Religion. A little corner of the Vatican that was formerly the holiest place around to launder a few euros.

Earlier this month, one of Boersig and Salvatori’s colleagues proclaimed the Vatican Bank the holiest place where it is impossible to launder a few euros. A few days ago, Boersig—a former Deutsche Bank chairman recently acquitted of perjury and so presumably well-versed in sussing out shenanigans—and Salvatori gave His Holiness their regrets and cleared out of St. Peter’s Square.

Job well done and time to move on, you may imagine? Apparently not.

"This reflects a divergence of opinion over the management of the institute, but that is normal. It is a particular place," said Lombardi, without giving further details.

Indeed it is. And one still not much to the liking of a couple of longtime banking executives.

Two board members of Vatican bank quit after management dispute [Reuters]