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Venture Capitalist Likens Working With Co-Founder To "Working With A Retarded Person"

Among other things!
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As you can maybe imagine, Hugo Van Vuuren and Patrick S. Chung aren't on, like, the absolute best of terms right now.

A complaint filed on Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court in California by Hugo Van Vuuren, one Xfund founder, against Patrick S. Chung, the other founder, and the fund itself, includes accusations of secret contract amendments, bullying and schoolyard name-calling. Mr. Chung called Mr. Van Vuuren a “spiteful moron” and “a trivial person pursuing trivial things” in emails, according to court documents. Mr. Chung also wrote that working with Mr. Van Vuuren was “like working with a retarded person” and that Mr. Van Vuuren would be worth more “dead than alive once we have key-man insurance.” [...] Mr. Van Vuuren claims in his suit that Mr. Chung committed fraud by secretly amending their partnership agreement to take full control of Xfund’s investments, operations and governance.

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