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10 NYC Restaurants You Didn’t Know Delivered to Your Desk in Minutes


When you’re hungry, you want food fast. But it can be tough to find a high-quality meal during peak lunch and dinner times without facing long lines, waiting hours for the delivery guy, or simply succumbing to the vending machine at the end of the hall.

Working in finance can take it out of you, and not everyone has the time to leave the office to grab a quick bite while keeping a close eye on the market. Lucky for you, there’s one service that can bring you the food you crave from the restaurants you love across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens called Caviar.

With Caviar, you can order your favorite dishes from the best New York restaurants for delivery in just 30-45 minutes. Whether you’re craving a top sirloin steak from Jack’s Wife Freda, the much sought-after spicy fried chicken sandwich from Fuku, or even the grilled branzino from Bar Primi, Caviar brings the best restaurants in town that you wouldn’t expect to deliver to your door.

Caviar makes it easy to plan for individuals and groups of all sizes - whether you're ordering food for yourself, or catering a meal for a whole team of Wall Street insiders. Give Caviar a try for yourself now with the exclusive promo code DB10 and get $10 off your next order*.

Read on to find out which beloved NYC restaurants you can get delivered with Caviar now.

*Code can only be used once per new customer on new orders of $20 or more in Manhattan or Brooklyn & Queens service regions. Expires 6/30/2016. 


Caviar partners directly with Seamore’s, allowing customers across Manhattan to order freshly caught fish for delivery directly to their home or office from the restaurant’s Nolita kitchen. The restaurant’s selection of locally-sourced seafood changes daily, and has quickly become a favorite among hungry diners seeking unique fish fare. From fresh tuna poke, to spicy squid tacos, to their signature dish, The Reel Deal—Seamore’s is a great option for those seeking sustainable seafood.


Jack’s Wife Freda


This beloved Soho brunch spot has quickly become a go-to destination for all-day bistro favorites. Order everything from the piping hot duck, bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, served with homemade tomato jam to the smoked salmon avocado toast served with red onion, basil, radish, cherry tomatoes, and a unique shallot vinaigrette. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret your order from this gourmet gem.



Javelina serves up true Tex-Mex—which is not always easy to find in this city. Choose your favorites, from traditional or white queso, guacamole, tortilla soup, chile relleno, and more for fast delivery directly to your home or office, seven days a week.

Bar Primi


This authentic Italian pasta shop (located on the border of NoHo and the East Village) offers some of the best primi piatti in all of Manhattan. Order the ricotta bruschetta with hazelnuts and truffle honey, the stuffed meatballs, or squid ink campanelle for a true departure from the typical takeout you’re used to eating in the breakroom.



Fuku is the home of one of the most popular fried chicken sandwiches in New York. Get yours delivered without waiting in long lines that snake out the door and satisfy your craving now.


Babu Ji

Babu Ji’s innovative menu offers Indian street food favorites that are sure to leave you satisfied and ready to tackle your next project. Try their tandoori chicken - marinated with ground spiced yogurt, and topped with mango salsa and greens, or the Southern India lamb curry, slow cooked with whole roasted fennel seed, black cardamom, bay leaf, clove, and a touch of coconut.

The Meatball Shop


Hungry meatball lovers across NYC can now order their favorites from The Meatball Shop. Whether you like your balls “naked” or by the bucket, Caviar can help you curb those cravings quickly. You can ball out at the office and place an order from any of the Meatball Shop’s West Village, Chelsea, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, or Williamsburg locations now.

Umami Burger


Get your hands on these gourmet burgers—named for the fifth savory taste sense, known as umami—to feed yourself or the entire office with Caviar. Umami Burger produces all of its own condiments, cheeses, and grinds its meat in-house throughout the day. All of their beef burgers are made with hand ground, hand formed premium steak, resulting in a sophisticated, tightly edited selection of burgers, sides, and accompaniments.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken


This spot is an NYC destination for hot and juicy world famous fried chicken. Get every part of the bird battered, fried, and delivered to your door - whether you want the thigh, drumstick, or wing - and add fries, hush puppies or even kale salad to round out your meal.

Lil Frankie’s


Lil Frankie's offers a variety of food from its custom-built brick oven - including Neapolitan pizzas and perfectly roasted vegetables - as well as healthy salads and larger entrees, making it the perfect choice when ordering for a group with varying tastes and dietary preferences. Order for one or to share with a group - you won’t be let down.


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