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19 Year-Old Venture Capitalist Cautions Would-Be Entrepreneurs Against Being All Talk

Listen up and maybe y'all can learn something.
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Venture capitalist Patrick Finnegan cut his teeth in business selling fake IDs to underage kids. When he was plying his trade, you know what he never did? Promised a bunch of 16 year-olds he could deliver by Friday night and then blew his deadline. Now Finnegan applies that same principle to his work in the VC world.

Before moving to New York City to pursue a job in the city's bustling start-up scene, he made $80,000 building websites for companies and ran a side business creating fake IDs for the under-21 crowd. A partner at Manhattan-based venture capital firm Studio VC, Finnegan makes business decisions alongside his team, which includes former Samsung and Credit Agricole executives and established venture capitalists. The firm has invested nearly $3 million to date, Finnegan said. "I moved to New York — I was caught up, I was talking the talk and not walking the walk. And I quickly realized if I want to be this real big businessman in a few years and at a young age, I need to deliver," Finnegan said. "I would say what's really important is delivery," he added.

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