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Anthony Scaramucci Is Supporting Trump By Becoming Trump

When you get Scaramucci, you get total commitment.

Below is a quote about the Trump plane:


"The plane is absolutely fantastic, okay?..It's got nice beige tones to it, great earth tones on the plane. Yes, there's brass and gold on the plane but it's done in a very tasteful, subtle way. This is like a flying castle."

Ahh, so Donald. right?


That statement actually belongs to hedge fund manager/TV personality/nightlife impresario/serial political money man Anthony "Mooch" Scaramcucci.

Scaramucci shared his Trumpian thoughts on Trump during an appearance on a Business Insider podcast. While he's made no secret that he is now firmly behind The Donald's White House bid, it was somewhat jarring to hear that Mooch has taken on the full Trump mien.

So strong is Mooch becoming in the ways of The Trump that he shared a story about telling Trump that Trump would miss his incredible plane whilst flying around on that tin can piece of sh!t Air Force One, and described Trump as "A very thoughtful guy, a very accessible guy," making sure to employ the Trumpian 'Double Very.'

Like in all things, Mooch's commitment to the Trump campaign seems total.

And while you can't replicate Scaramucci, Trump, or their bond, it makes one wonder if this candidate devotional fad will sweep across Wall Street during the general election. If so, will we be provided with imagery of Trump wigs being donned by GOP-friendly traders while Hillary supporters throw on pearls and painfully forced smiles? We look forward to seeing Tony James walking around the Blackstone offices in a royal blue pantsuit.

But one example that Scaramucci has maybe not yet fully committed to the Trump Way was his "defense" of The Donald as a policymaker.

"He's taking a whiteboard and he's writing down all the ideas to see how they work. Or whether they stick, or whether they're politically palatable, or whether they would turn into good policy."

A "whiteboard?" Is Trump an intern at Yahoo?

Whiteboards are for suckers and money managers. You know, "hedge fund guys." Trumps use GoldBoards by Trump, and all the ideas written on them stick because those ideas are the best ideas and everyone loves them because they're great.

SCARAMUCCI: Trump will govern by putting lots of ideas on a 'whiteboard' and seeing which stick [BI]



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