Bill Gross Finds A Way To Insult Both Former And Current Employer

If I'm Janus, I'm thinking, "Hey!"
Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

Those of you who've kept up with the saga of Bill Gross vs. Pimco will not at all be surprised to hear that in a recent interview with CNBC, the bond fund manager got in a couple digs at his former employer (who he is currently suing on the claim that he was fired, even though he left a handwritten note on someone's desk saying that he was quitting and then walked out of the building forever without telling anyone). It won't be surprising because, in addition to the lawsuit-- a hostile move in and of itself-- Gross:

So, y'know, there's still some animus there. A tad unexpected, though, is that he's already started in on his new friends at Janus.

Gross left Pimco, the investment management giant he founded and ran for more than four decades, in 2014. He started working at Janus, a much smaller firm, about a week after leaving Pimco, but immediately recognized that it was "very different, and not entirely in positive ways." "The positive was fewer meetings, fewer exchanges with people that tend to clog up your day. I enjoy trading and watching markets," he said. "I did miss, almost immediately, the investment committee. Pimco has a brilliant investment committee, or had; probably (it's) still pretty functional. I missed the two-hour-a-day interplay, in terms of the committee with eight people jawing at each other back and forth, so there's trade-offs."

Way harsh, B.

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