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Bill Gross Confident He'll Win Lawsuit Against Ex-Employer For Firing Him Even Though Handwritten Resignation Note, Departure In The Middle Of The Night Maybe Undermines That Thesis

Don't worry about all that; you leave it to Bill.
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Photo: Getty Images

Here are some things bond fund manager Bill Gross did at the office in the months leading up to his parting ways with PIMCO, the company he co-founded:

Taken together, you'd think the behavior would, at best, call for a serious discussion during Gross's annual 360 review and at worst be cause for firing the guy, which is exactly what Gross claims in a lawsuit Pimco did. As a reminder, here's what Pimco has had to say about that:

"He exited Pimco’s Newport Beach offices for the last time without telling anyone he was leaving [leaving only a handwritten resignation note saying his resignation was effective Sept. 26, 2014, at 6:29 a.m. Pacific time]. His longtime colleagues first learned of Mr. Gross’s departure from a press release issued by his new employer, Janus Capital Group, early on the morning of September 26, 2014."

But if you were worried Bill Gross was worried about said note impacting his chances of winning the suit, worry not!

Asked if he thought he'd win, Gross simply responded, "Oh, yeah."

Oh, and by the by, none of this is about money or revenge or performance art. It's about a little thing called r-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to BG.

"I thought it was unfair. I wanted to stay at Pimco, I wanted to step back from CIO and to manage some smaller accounts, even giving up the Total Return Fund, but it didn't seem to work for them and I always wondered why," he said. "So I wanted to gain back some self respect, because they let me go without even telling me why I was supposed to leave."

No further questions.

Bill Gross on lawsuit: 'I didn't have much to gain except for my self respect' [CNBC]

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