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Cool New JPMorgan Dress Code Asks Employees To Thread The Needle Between "Casual" And "Slutty"

JPM's new dress code is super casual, but in like a formal way.

Things have been rough at the big banks recently, so with the sweet release of Summer almost upon us even Jamie Dimon is thinking it's time to yank off that tie and relax a bit.


In a break from tradition, the largest U.S. bank by assets is loosening its dress code to allow employees to wear business-casual attire on most occasions, according to an internal memo viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

And this isn't just some seasonal experiment. JPM is not your granddaddy's bank anymore, in fact they cool as hell...

In the memo, J.P. Morgan said the change “reflects how the way we work is changing. More clients are dressing informally, and many parts of our company are already business casual.”

So ditch the starched collar and keep that bow tie hanging in the closet, JPMorganers, Uncle Jamie wants to see some fashion-forward looks around the office!

Well, not too forward. After all, this is the house that J. Pierpont built so let's leave something to the imagination, people...

In discussing business-casual, the bank spelled out that athletic clothing, including sweatpants, leggings and yoga pants, aren't acceptable, nor are halter tops, flip-flops, hats or hoods. “Distracting, tight, revealing or exceptionally loose or low-cut clothing,” isn’t allowed either, according to a copy of the dress code viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

So you can go ahead and leave the Lululemons in the drawer, Dan Pinto. JPMorgan is a place of business, not a pilates class! And that goes for you too, Marianne Lake. It would be better if you didn't wear yellow Crocs and baggy sweatpants covered in drawings of Mr. Met to the office.

But, as we said, JPMorgan is cool, you guys, there are tons of things you can wear to work...

[C]asual pants, capris, polo shirts and dress sandals are OK, according to the dress code. Jeans and “athletic shoes” aren't considered business casual unless communicated otherwise by the manager, but they are often allowed in certain sites.

Sure, "Dress sandals are OK" for guys is an inherent logical contradiction, but you get the point. JPMorgan wants you to feel comfortable at some kind of button-down shirt and a pair of sensible slacks.

“Business casual is not weekend casual, and if you’re seeing a client you should dress for that client,” according to the memo.

No, Pinto, that does not mean you can wear the yoga pants.

J.P. Morgan Says Employees Don’t Always Have to Wear Suits [WSJ]



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