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David Tepper Not Amused By His Super-Horny Facebook Impersonator

Someone out there is catfishing under the assumption that a lot of people want to do sex on David Tepper.

If you're a lady planning to spend her weekend engaged in a steamy Washington DC affair with a rich bald guy you met on Facebook named "Dave Tepper," well... we've got some bad news for you:


Billionaire Appaloosa Management founder David Tepper has a weird online impersonator trying to lure young women to meet him in Washington, DC.
“There is a guy who’s been impersonating Tepper on Facebook,” said a source. “He offers to fly girls to DC to meet him. He says he’ll pay for their flight, food and hotel. He says to contact his ‘agent’ to set everything up.

Sorry. We imagine it must be a bummer to learn that you will not be intimate with the man who singlehandedly broke New Jersey's economy, but take solace in the fact that Florida's wealthiest man is still single and ready to mingle. And you know so much about him already because your catfisher was apparently quite thorough:

The creepy impersonator used an image of Tepper in a Pittsburgh Steelers hat (he is a minority owner of the team) as a profile picture, and also posted a bio befitting New Jersey’s former richest man, who has since taken his talents to tax-friendly Florida.
Sadly, there are no pictures of the “lucky” brass balls that are said to sit on Tepper’s office desk.
The imposter told one woman via Facebook messenger that he is 58 and lives in Florida, matching the real-life mogul — who recently went through an expensive divorce.
He also listed his school as the University of Pittsburgh, which the real Tepper attended.

But hey, maybe take the weekend and learn to love yourself.

And yes, that horned-up dude pretending to be Leon Cooperman on your Snapchat is also a fake.... we think.

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