London Can Kiss Deutsche Boerse-LSE HQ Goodbye: German Regulator

The hits just keep on coming.
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By Rlevente [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rlevente, via Wikimedia Commons

If you've been dreaming of the planned Deutsche Boerse-London Stock Exchange calling London home-- and people who have dreams about stock exchanges certainly have--, Germany is here to say: Um, wake up! That dream died a violent death after last week's li'l vote.

Germany's financial market regulator delivered a double blow to London on Tuesday, saying it could not host the headquarters of a planned European stock exchange giant after Britain leaves the EU, and nor could it remain a center for trading in euros...Hardening positions in Germany, where politicians have made similar remarks, have created an additional hurdle to the planned $25 billion merger, which is now in danger of unraveling after Britain opted from Brexit.

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