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London Can Kiss Deutsche Boerse-LSE HQ Goodbye: German Regulator

The hits just keep on coming.
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By Rlevente [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Rlevente, via Wikimedia Commons

If you've been dreaming of the planned Deutsche Boerse-London Stock Exchange calling London home-- and people who have dreams about stock exchanges certainly have--, Germany is here to say: Um, wake up! That dream died a violent death after last week's li'l vote.

Germany's financial market regulator delivered a double blow to London on Tuesday, saying it could not host the headquarters of a planned European stock exchange giant after Britain leaves the EU, and nor could it remain a center for trading in euros...Hardening positions in Germany, where politicians have made similar remarks, have created an additional hurdle to the planned $25 billion merger, which is now in danger of unraveling after Britain opted from Brexit.

Top German regulator says no to London HQ for Deutsche Boerse-LSE [Reuters]


New York, London, Hong Kong… Moscow?

Russia may have the kind of official corruption that would make a Sicilian blush, a fairly weak grasp on the rule of law, a pair of would-be czars trading its top two political posts and, now, more orphans than it can give away. It also may have a stock exchange worth as much as the big one with the columns down on Broad Street.


Lloyd Blankfein Preemptively Assigning Blame For Empty Future Goldman London HQ

It’s not like he’s the one who voted to make that office (and the country it sits in) redundant.