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Some Super-Popular GOP Donors Were Total No-Shows At Donald Trump's Big Money Party

Steve Schwarzman and Ken Langone would have gone, but they - like - didn't want to.

Because this election cycle has been like a Dadaist interpretation of American presidential politics, the presumptive GOP nominee kinda sorta forgot to build a campaign finance arm during the primary and now he's scrambling for cash against a well-armed opponent.


Which is why Donald Trump and his hedge fund manager-laden finance team threw a little soiree at The Four Seasons in NYC today. This being Trump, the guest list was designed as a "Who's Who" of GOP money men, making it a must-attend for anybody who wanted to keep their rep up in the party and also felt like writing a check to the most divisive candidate that the party has fielded in generations.

And, this again being Trump, there was some inevitable draaaaaama. Our pal Charlie Gasparino has a scoop:

At least two prominent New York GOP money men are skipping what has been billed as a key fundraising meeting in New York City for the party’s presumptive presidential candidate, Donald Trump, a sign some say that the real estate developer’s insurgent campaign faces enormous odds raising money as the general election approaches, the FOX Business Network has learned.

Ruh roh. It's never good to look down at the name tags and see that some were never claimed. Who was ballsy enough to stand up The Donald on his big day?

Blackstone chief executive Stephen Schwarzman, who has an estimated net worth of $10.2 billion as CEO of the massive private equity firm, and Kenneth Langone, a billionaire Wall Street financier and investor who runs the firm Invemed Associates, will not attend the event taking place in New York’s Four Seasons hotel, according to press officials for both men.

Steve and Ken? Those are machers indeed. Having them no-show at your party is not a good sign for your popularity. But hey, maybe they had legitimate excuses...

A spokeswoman for Schwarzman said the Blackstone chief is in London

Okay, "He was called out of town" can go either way, but it's an accepted way to help the host save face. How about Langone?

[A] spokeswoman for Langone gave no explanation.

In fairness to Trump, it is widely rumored that Thursday is the day that Ken Langone washes his hair.

Billionaires Schwarzman, Langone Skip Trump Fundraising Meeting [Fox Business]


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