Don’t Even Think Of Delivering Norman Seabrook’s Alleged Bribes In A Coach Bag

Even the deBlasio administration would like you to keep the class in NYC graft.

It’s Italian leather for the New York City Corrections union chief or you can (allegedly) kiss that hedge-fund mandate from his pension fund goodbye!

According to the 17-page complaint, sworn out by Special Agent Blaire Toleman of the F.B.I., Mr. Huberfeld, through Mr. Rechnitz, paid an initial kickback to Mr. Seabrook of $60,000, the complaint said, noting that “ultimately Huberfeld agreed to pay Seabrook bribes that were expected to total hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Mr. Rechnitz delivered the payoff to the union leader in an $820 Ferragamo bag bought specifically for that purpose. He laid out the cash, according to the complaint, and was repaid by Platinum through a scheme that disguised the reimbursement as payment for Knicks tickets — two $3,750 seats at eight games.

Chief of New York Jail Officers’ Union Is Arrested on Fraud Charges [NYT]