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Hamptons Real Estate Broker Who Claims To Have Slept With Everyone's Daughter In Montauk Ran Into Some Legal Trubs

What can we learn from Dylan Eckardt?
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With the start of summer and the great migration of financial services employees from their desks in NYC to their summer shares out East, now feels like a good time to discuss certain rules of etiquette. Next week we'll review how to comport yourself when you're 97 sheets to the wind at Surf Lodge and dancing like no one's watching, today it's interfacing with the local cops. So, pop-quiz: You're pulled over by the police on the suspicion of driving while under the influence. Do you:

A. Act calmly and respectfully and do what you're told?
B. Politely ask to speak to a lawyer?
C. Tell them to go f*ck themselves, list all the other times you've driven while impaired, and threaten their very existence; don't say anything about banging their daughters, because it's implied?

If you answered C, Dylan Eckardt is right there with you.

Hotshot real estate broker Dylan Eckardt — who bragged, “I’m the f–king rock star of real estate. I’m the f–king prince of Montauk” — was knocked down a peg Monday afternoon after he blew a stop sign while stoned and reeking of booze, according to police. His highness, who was later perp-walked at the East Hampton Police Department, was profiled in Vanity Fair earlier this month for his transformation from a pro-surfer to a local real estate giant. The “prince” sounded like a royal jerk. “There’s nothing like me. I dress like a fashion kid from the city, I talk like an asshole, and I surf like a local,” he boasted to the magazine. “All the locals know me because I’ve either slept with their daughters or played football with their sons,” he bragged...Eckardt was pulled over in his 2006 Range Rover at 4 p.m. Tuesday, according to police. He was wobbly on his feet with dilated eyes, officers said. Eckardt mouth-offed to cops, admitting, “I take Xanax and Lithium every day. This is one time I’m not really f—d up and driving around and you harass me,” according to the police report. He threatened cops, saying, “Now Montauk is going to be tough for you guys,” according to the report...He told cops,”I’m just refusing [to take tests] to be a d–k,” according to police.

How the ‘prince of Montauk’ ended up in a jail cell [NYP]


Formula 1 Heiresses Recommend Real Estate, Dog Facials

Last year, Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, gave the California housing market a boost when she bought 90210 widow Candy Spelling's 57,000 square foot mansion for $85 million, as a crash pad for when she's in Los Angeles (she also owns a six-story house in London’s Chelsea neighborhood purchased for £56 million). Around the same time, Petra's sister, Tamara, paid $70 million for "a 16,000-square-foot historic brick home across the road from Kensington Palace." And while some would simply write the Sisters Ecclestone off as spoiled rich girls whose parents have footed the bill for these places (mom is Slavica Radic, a former Croatian model who lent Petra $82.4 million for the LA house), the Wall Street Journal sees what the haters will not: a couple of savvy investors who you might consider asking to manage your money. In an interview with the paper, which dubbed the Sisters Ecclestone "The First New Family of Real Estate," Tamara explained her investment thesis: Wearing Lululemon yoga pants and a fitted hoodie, Ms. Ecclestone sat in her living room, overlooking an outdoor lap pool, and explained that she sees their real estate holdings as smart purchases. "I think London [property] is a really good investment," she said. "There's no bank in the world that can give you that return." Ecclestone also shared some pearls of wisdom re: dealing with critics looking to bring you down, of which her fellow billionaires, newly minted or old, should take note. Last year Ms. Ecclestone starred in a reality program about her life called "Billion $$ Girl." One episode depicted her taking her dogs to Harrod's for facials and pedicures. Another shows her debating cancelling a meeting because she woke up with a pimple on her face. Her participation in the show, in the midst of a recession, drew criticism from many, including her father. Mr. Ecclestone said he could barely make it through one episode. "I spoke to her before and said… 'They're never going to show you in a good light,' " he said. "She was stupid to do it." Ms. Ecclestone took the criticisms in stride. "It's like water off a duck's back," she said. The First New Family Of Real Estate [WSJ]

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