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Goldman Sachs Employees Went After Libyan Investment Authority Like 'A Swarm' Of Killer Bees: Ex-LIA Consultant

And the LIA didn't have it's EpiPen.
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Remember at the end of My Girl, when Thomas J. Sennett, i.e. Macaulay Culkin, who is allergic to bees, is attacked by a massive, terrifying swarm of 'em and dies and it's horrible and Vada is devastated and she has to confront death for the second time in her young life, losing her mother and now her best friend, to those horrible, god damn bees that just wouldn't leave Thomas J alone? That's basically it was like when Goldman Sachs execs pitched the Libyan Investment Authority, according to a former LIA adviser.


The bankers were “like a swarm,” said LIA financial consultant Ali Jalal Baruni as he tried to name the many Goldman Sachs employees he’d met while advising the LIA between April and September 2007. Baruni, a former Saudi American Bank executive appointed to help the LIA make sensible investments, resigned in protest when the LIA decided to invest in Goldman’s Petershill Fund against his advice, according to his witness statement. "I felt almost under attack as different Goldman Sachs teams and products were presented to me, one after the other and almost relentlessly, without me even being given the opportunity to ask questions or reflect on them," Baruni said.

Goldman Bankers Were ‘Like a Swarm,’ Libya Fund Adviser Says [Bloomberg]

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