Happy Childhoods Will Not Get You A Job With Michael Bloomberg

And no family members need apply.

Never let it be said that Michael R. Bloomberg is not a man that knows what he wants. And what he doesn't want are those of you who grew happy, lazy and fat during your drama-free childhoods.

According to BI, Bloomy was speaking to a room full of entrepreneurs during their graduation from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and the topic of hiring came up. The media baron and former mayor of NYC offered this rather specific opinion of his ideal employee:

"I've alway said I would like to hire a person whose father was never there, whose mother was in a drug treatment program, and he had to go and work 3 shifts [a week] at McDonalds to take care of his siblings," Bloomberg said.
"That's the kind of person we want — somebody that, no matter how bad things are, looks on the bright side, takes the bull by the horns, puts in the sweat capital, and that's where the results are."

Hungry and ready, that's the Bloomberg way of getting ahead.

What's not the Bloomberg way? Hiring your cousin Doug who "can't seem to figure it out."

"We have a no nepotism policy at my company because you can't treat those people fairly," he said.

And especially not Doug.

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