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Sandwich Outfit Agrees To Stop Subjecting "Totally Tuna" Assemblers To Banker-Level Non-Competes

This seems...reasonable?
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By Infrogmation of New Orleans (Flickr: Maple St Jimmy Johns Carpetbaggers) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Infrogmation of New Orleans, Wikimedia Commons

Did you sign a non-compete agreement when you started your job? Did you think to yourself, "Well this is kind of sucky but I'm 22 and making more money than most people in the world so sure, hand me a pen?" Until recently, your friendly sandwich makers at Jimmy John's were subjected to the same onerous agreements, lest they take trade secrets to a rival sandwich shop down the road attempting to perfect its take on tuna, just minus the whole six-figure and up salary. Today, however, JJ's has agreed to stop treating its 15 year-old hourly workers like they run fixed-income at Goldman Sachs.

Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s said it would stop including noncompete agreements in its hiring packets, as part of a settlement with New York authorities to be announced Wednesday...The clauses bar departing employees from taking jobs with their company’s competitors for a designated period. The use of such provisions by Jimmy John’s had raised eyebrows because they applied to junior employees who made sandwiches, and weren’t limited to the senior or technical positions for which such clauses originated.

Sandwich Chain Jimmy John’s to Drop Noncompete Clauses From Hiring Packets [WSJ]

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