Lawyer Asks Jurors Not To Lump Client Of "Average Intelligence" In With Other Ex-Barclays Traders Accused Of Libor Manipulation

Jonathan Mathew is not having the greatest of days.

When it comes to his employment at Barclays, John Mathew probably doesn't have very many good things to say about the experience. He was clocked in the head with a baseball bat on his first day of work. His boss apparently "forced him to stand on a chair in the trading room to answer a quiz on world capitals."

No, wait! Put it back!

No, wait! Put it back!

That same charmer, according to Matthew, made him unwittingly manipulate Libor. And now his lawyer has this to say:

The lawyer for former Barclays Plc trader Jonathan Mathew said his client only had “average intelligence" and asked jurors to separate him from better educated co-defendants accused of manipulating benchmark rates. “Truth be told, Jonathan Mathew is no mathematical genius, he’s not a brilliant man, nor was he cherry picked by Barclays" from a premier school, the lawyer, Bill Clegg, said in his closing argument Thursday in London. “The danger is you just lump him in with the others."

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