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Former JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, BAML, Goldman Sachs Intern Has YouTube Stardom To Fallback On

Take it away, Jess Greenberg.
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YouTube: JessGreenberg1

YouTube: JessGreenberg1

With the second week in June comes the great migration of summer interns from the relative safety of their colleges and universities to the corporate coal mines that are their banking gigs for the next three months. There will be some good times-- when you move in packs on the subway and hold each others' hair back after a night of underage drinking in the big city-- but also a lot of soul-crushing ones, like when you're reformatting a pitchbook at 3AM after explaining to your parents that there's always Grandpa's 101st birthday to look forward to, or the first time you get screamed at by your MD for bringing him a salad composed of regular greens and not micro-greens. Some will thrive on the pressure-cooker of egos and excel spreadsheets. Others will ask themselves what they're doing with their lives as they weep themselves to sleep (at their desks). For those in the latter camp, know this: there's always option B.

Like – maybe – strumming a guitar on YouTube. It’s worked for Jess Greenberg, a student at University College London (UCL), who interned last summer at Goldman Sachs in London. Greenberg has her own YouTube channel with 1.1m subscribers. Her most popular video, below, has had nearly 9m views and 94,500 likes. Greenberg may not be Gangnam Style, but with YouTube allegedly paying $2k per million views, her side-hustle seems to be quite lucrative.

In addition to her time at Goldman, Greenberg has done stints at JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, so it's possible she plans to return to her finance roots after graduating. But she should remain a beacon of hope for you all regardless.

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