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Preppy Fashion Icon Jamie Dimon Unveils New Vineyard Vines Boutique

That sound you hear is Brian Moynihan frantically calling Tommy Hilfiger.

When JPMorgan announced a few weeks back that it was totally cool with employees coming into the office in something other than a suit and tie, we all thought it was just a PR attempt by Jamie and Co. to appeal to Millennials who hate dressing up for the job they want.


But apparently JPM is totally on the reals with this new dressing down thing, and they're even making some not-so-subtle suggestions about just how "casual" they'd like the office to look on Summer Fridays...

Casual isn’t necessarily cheap. To ease the transition to a recent move to business-casual attire, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. partnered with one of its clients to host a pop-up shop at its Park Avenue headquarters: Vineyard Vines.

Get psyched, denizens of 270 Park Avenue, for your bosses are making it that much easier to dress in a way that says "I totally bought into that Edgartown timeshare that my college lax bros are renting this summer." But it gets even better! Because the company that thinks Ralph Lauren is guilty of preppy subtlety is making Murray Hill leisure wear JUST FOR YOU!

J.P. Morgan is slated to open pop-up shops at its New York, Wilmington, Del., and Columbus, Ohio, locations later this year, said Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Lemkau.
These will feature J.P. Morgan specific items – think a fleece vest with J.P. Morgan branding or a custom Vineyard Vines tie with the bank’s blue octagon logo – along with other brands, akin to shops and apparel from technology firms like Alphabet’s Google and Apple Inc.

Yes! It's like the fashion gods are answering the direct prayers of every JPMorgan junior banker who looked at a madras button-down on a store rack and opined "I like this stupid whale, but why can't this gaudy shirt identify me immediately as a JPMorgan banker?

Hey, don't you sulk over there, middle-aged executive fearful that he can't pull off the Vineyard Vines look at this stage of life. Jamie's thought of everything...

J.P. Morgan is also talking with Lands' End, which makes apparel for its branches.

Dress your employees in pink cotton and canvas, that's the Dimon way. Because, like banking, dressing should be fun. And Vineyard Vines knows that nothing says sartorial whimsy like JPMorgan Chase and Co.

The pop-up shop “shows that such an iconic institution like J.P. Morgan Chase knows how to have fun, knows how to partner with up-and-coming companies,” said Vineyard Vines co-founder Shep Murray, who created the company about 18 years ago with his brother Ian. While the bank has helped them instill discipline and mature the business, “one of the things we always challenge them is to be more casual,” he added.
The Murray brothers had been in touch with J.P. Morgan commercial bank chief Doug Petno over the years on a possible collaboration, even brainstorming bank-branded flip flops, said Ms. Lemkau. When the bank’s dress code shifted to business casual “we thought, this is the opportunity,” she said, adding that it took about two months from idea inception to breaking ground.

But who wants just J. Pierpont flip-flops when you can get an entire Chase-emblazoned wardrobe to impress your Tuck classmates at your annual Nantucket get-together?

So far, mostly male employees have been taking advantage of the shop, employees said. The shop has a limited assortment, ranging from a bathing suit to buy on the go for a weekend in the Hamptons to Vineyard Vines’ well-known ties, including the custom one with the J.P. Morgan Chase logo. Employees get a 20% discount if they buy any customer bank-wear, which also includes vests, tote bags and polos. An on-site embroiderer can also sew on the bank’s logo on the spot, Ms. Lemkau said.

So, denizens of 270 Park, just have your embroiderer throw an octagon on that light purple pull-over and head out onto Park Avenue in search of the nearest jitney. You've earned it.

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