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Legendary Investor Lenny Dykstra Unveils Latest Revenue Stream

It involves "elderly women" and "companionship."
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In 2008, Jim Cramer made two of the boldest calls of his career: that "Bear Stearns is fine!!!" and Lenny Dykstra " one of the great ones in this business," that business being the investing biz. Since those prescient calls, Bear Stearns collapsed into Jamie Dimon's arms for $10 a share and Lenny Dykstra:

What's the investing guru been up to lately? In addition to adding auteur to his C.V., he's developed a new money making strategy.

The former Mets center fielder — who this week published a tell-all memoir about the shady side of pro baseball — moonlights as a gigolo for elderly women, he revealed on the “The Howard Stern Show.” Dykstra, 53, confessed on the show that geezers pay him for “companionship” and romantic dinner dates. But he refused to say whether they gave him cash for sex.

And apparently he works quite hard for the money, though osteoporosis has become a risk factor.

One of the women, who is in her 80s, gets on his nerves because she “always wants to stick her f—ing tongue down my throat,” he told the shock jock. “We’re talking about grandma. You’re talking about a f–king gray bush, bro,” Dykstra said. The bigmouth baseball great doesn’t prefer to go all the way with grannies because, “their bones are brittle,” he added.

At press time, Cramer has yet to interview Dykstra about May-December LLC.

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Prosecutors Want Jim Cramer-Endorsed Investor Lenny Dykstra To Do Thirty Months In Jail

They say that's the only way Dykstra* will learn that in our society, you can't rip toilets and other bathroom fixtures out of the floor and sell them to a pawn shops just because you feel like it, or drop trou for the cleaning staff.