Lynn Tilton Loses Latest SEC Battle, Is "Reviewing Options" Re: Winning War

Whatever doesn't kill a Lynn Tilton makes her stronger.
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The latest blow in a series of blows ain't got nothing on the indomitable spirit of the Patriarch Partners founder, aka Jesus Christ in a thong bikini, aka Dominatrix Santa, aka Island Girl, aka Lady Leather.

Patriarch Partners founder Lynn Tilton lost her challenge to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s use of in-house judges, after arguing the process is unfair and unconstitutional. The federal appeals court in New York agreed with the lower court that the agency has the authority to pursue its case against Tilton. If the fund manager were to lose, then she could appeal to the SEC and, if she lost again, to the federal court...“We are extremely disappointed that the Second Circuit, in a 2 to 1 decision, has concluded that it lacks jurisdiction to rule on the merits of Ms. Tilton’s constitutional claim,” Richard White, a spokesman for Patriarch, said in a statement. He called the underlying claims brought by the SEC “utterly meritless.” Tilton is reviewing her legal options, he said.

Tilton’s Challenge to SEC Hearings Rejected by Appeals Court [Bloomberg]

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