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But Of Course Marc Faber Wants To Talk About Brexit

Dr. Doom is making Titanic analogies and burying gold in his yard.

The last few days have been rough sailing for most people, what with Europe turning into a giant economic question mark and sending shockwaves through global markets.


But like we said, it's been rough for most people. For others, it just fits their worldview of life being nasty, brutish and full of financial disasters.

That's right, this post is about Marc Faber.

Dr. Doom was on CNBC today to give his measured take on what he's seeing out there. And while everything else might seem a little off lately, Faber was in peak Faber form...

"We're all on the Titanic, but the Titanic still has maybe a few days to travel before it collapses so we might as well enjoy the journey," Faber, also known as Dr. Doom, told CNBC's "Squawk Box."

Yay! But even Faber has a plan should his heart go on, and it is Faberlicious...

Anticipating a downtrend, Faber said he's holding physical gold in safe-deposit boxes and buried in his garden, as well as holding gold mining shares.

Hoarding it, burying it, buying it in mines, eating it, wherever there is gold, Faber wants. But the same thinking that makes him want to replace his teeth with gold nuggets while sailing on a doomed vessel is also making him a little sanguine about this whole Brexit thingy...

"Brexit will give a perfect excuse to the Federal Reserve not to increase interest rates and be most likely to launch QE4," or another round of quantitative easing to purchase assets in the market," Faber said. "Then the other central banks will also join and also launch further easing measures, printing money and so the global economy could worsen and stocks actually could go up."

Ugh. When did Marc Faber turn into such a saccharinely optimistic Pollyanna?

Brexit is ruining everything.

Marc Faber: Investors are on the Titanic but there's still a few days to travel [CNBC]



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