Martin Shkreli Can't Stop Getting Charged By The Feds

That brings Martin's grand total to far.

Just when you think there aren't any more federal securities charges to throw at emo bro hedge fund manager turned pharma CEO Martin Shkreli, well...

On Friday, Brooklyn federal prosecutors added a new securities fraud conspiracy charge against both men related to Mr. Shkreli’s alleged failure to disclose to the Securities and Exchange Commission his control over certain shares of Retrophin. 

For these keeping score at home, that's eight charges currently pending against Martin and two against his former lawyer, Evan Greebel. While we never say never, it does seem unlikely that Shkreli will be charged with anything else until they make "Because we just don't like your face" into a federal statute.

UPDATE: Both Shkreli and Greebel have pled not guilty to the latest charge.

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