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Martin Shkreli Has Song Ideas For "Shkreli: The Musical" Which Is Sadly A Real Thing

We blame "Hamilton."

When we saw this post on Indiegogo, we let ourselves assume that it was a rather funny little prank by some folks engaging in the new American pastime of trolling Martin Shkreli...


Remember when internet thought that Bill Murray could legally steal back the $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, from that pharma bro Martin Shkreli? Well, get excited world, because we’re bringing that heist to you! That's right, this show has Bill Murray teaming up with the Wu-Tang Clan in an epic battle against the most hated man in America. Will Bill Murray succeed, or will he just end up another pawn in Martin Shkreli's Game? 

But unfortunately it appears that "Martin Shkreli's Game" is indeed a real thing that might happen... which seems patently unfair to Bill Murray.

And to make it even worse, Martin is engaging with the idea. Of course the man who once helped fund an emo record label has ideas.

We know he's "being funny," but we also kind of know that this is something emo bro Martin Shkreli would love to do right now. Think about it; What could be a better form of therapy for a perpetually attention-starved fellow dealing with the stress of an impending criminal trial and possible jail time than impersonating Scott Stapp in a room full of strangers?

That said, while we wince at the mere notion of "Shkreli: The Musical," we also want a moment of clarity and bliss for Martin. So please go help make this happen and give Martin the gift of singing Christian rock at the top of his lungs like everybody is watching.


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