Newly-Minted MBAs Taking Their Talents To Private Equity, Big Banks

Hedge funds, not so much.
Photo: KitAy, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo: KitAy, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s pretty clear hedge funds aren’t interest in hiring many people who’ve spent the last two years at business camp: When they aren’t just outright saying how worthless everyone applying for jobs is, they’re also just not wasting their time wining and dining potential résumé litterers. Now, those MBAs may not be smart enough to work for Steve Cohen, but they are smart enough to take a hint.

According to a survey from Training the Street, a firm that offers technical training to Wall Street firms and business schools, startups and private equity firms saw a growing percentage of MBA students naming them as top destinations at which they wanted to work after graduation. At the same time, hedge fund, corporate development, and consulting firms all saw their appeal fall from the previous year….

This could also be due to less recruiting by hedge funds. When asked what type of firms had been trying to recruit them, the number of respondents listing "hedge funds" dropped 3 percent from the previous year…

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