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It's okay to cry. This is an emotional time
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After you woke up Friday morning, checked your phone, and read in disbelief the headlines reporting that Britain had voted to leave the European Union, a horrible feeling of dread passed over you. A pit in your stomach, rising into your throat. You tried to push away the negative thoughts. You busied yourself with showering, getting dressed, checking your emails. But it wouldn't go away. On your commute to work, everything became a constant reminder of what you feared most: every 'M' looked like an arch; the crumpled up greasy bags that hadn't quite made it into the trash; the group of clowns you passed walking to the subway. Colleagues asked what was distracting you. Your boss asked if anything was wrong. "Nothing," you said. "I'm just worried about the Brexit." But that wasn't quite it. And then it happened. In an attempt to calm your nerves, maybe talk some sense into yourself, you stepped outside for some air. What you didn't anticipate, was the crosstown buss buzzing by, advertising an "all day breakfast" right in front of your face. And that's when you lost it.


The answer, you soon learned, was badly. And you didn't take it well which is probably why they sent you home early and suggested you rest.

But it's going to be okay. YOU'RE going to be okay.

McDonald's (MCD) , like so many equities, plunged sharply on Friday and Monday. Will it fall further or bounce back? Signs point to a turnaround for McDonald's...This is a strong, well-managed company with an exceptional fundamental history. With a dividend yield of 3.1% and strong technical performance, there is no rational argument for McDonald's to fall further. Even though its international business accounts for a large share of its overall revenue, this is not going to change as a consequence of the British vote.

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