Businesses Are Sick Of Paying Millennials To D!ck Around On Snapchat All Day

Or send pictures of their d*cks via Snapchat, more specifically.

Business owners have a lot of problems with you people (born circa 1980 to 2000) and now the Dallas Federal Reserve is going to hear about them!

On Tuesday morning, the Dallas Federal Reserve released its monthly manufacturing outlook survey, which came in far lower than expected, at -20.8. Quite a few companies cited the new Department of Labor overtime rule that makes more salaried workers eligible for overtime pay as a future headwind for their businesses...One company said its younger employees don't deserve overtime pay because they slack off far too much through the regular workday. "We have a serious productivity problem with office workers and estimated that less than 50 percent of their time is spent on value-creating business activities," wrote one respondent. "The younger workers are often off task, engaged on social media, on the internet, texting on phones and other unproductive activities."

Now get back to work and by work they do not mean sending your friends texts made up entirely of Kim Kardashian emojis.

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