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Pay Hike Watch '16: Fed Presidents

John Williams's performance review apparently went really well. Others...less so.
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Don't be surprised if James "Seeking new opportunities" Bullard hits you up for an endorsement on Linkedin, in an attempt to freshen up the ole profile.

Fed presidents saw a 4 percent average salary increase last year, following a 6.6 percent bump in 2014, according to the central bank’s annual report released Tuesday. Those gains follow a pay freeze for reserve bank officers in 2011, 2012 and 2013, and outpaced national hourly wage earners’ gains, which grew 2.6 percent in the year through December 2015. New York Fed President William Dudley made the most among the regional presidents, pulling in $466,500 in 2015, while San Francisco Fed chief John Williams saw the largest increase -- about 12 percent -- to $422,900. The St. Louis Fed’s James Bullard had the lowest pay in the group, at $339,700.

Fed Honchos Pining for Wage Gains Got Nice Pay Raises Themselves [Bloomberg]


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We all know what's inside J-Yell's metal suitcase this time.

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